Wagon number range generator
for use with GCU Bureau Wagon search

The GCU Bureau has a neat function for searching for Wagon numbers and showing the Vehicle Keeper Markings accordingly, however the Search via CSV requires the complete number 12-digit number including check digit, making it a hassle to use. Manually creating such a list, including calculation of the check digit, is very time-consuming.

Below you can create CSV-output starting from a certain number without knowing the check digit, the list will then include the check digit, giving the posibility of selecting the number of wagons to search for in the series. The actual search will of course still have to be made at the GCU website using the copy-paste function of your computer (you can paste the csv-data directly into the search field, you don't have to save it as a .CSV-file onto your harddisk first).

Note it is only possible to search for up to 500 wagons in one search at the GCU website.

between 8 and 11 digits, for instance 31516635001, 33809326600 or 21800738

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